Useful Facts About Solar Power

America is undergoing a green energy revolution. WInd, solar and other renewable energy sources are contributing more and more to the total U.S. energy picture. Some states are better suited for these green forms of energy than others. As you may know, North Dakota has abundant sunshine and the winds blow regularly!

North Dakota is one of the top states for solar energy. If you’d like to learn more contact solar power systems North Dakota.

Solar Power: Some Factual Information

Information about the greener forms of energy can be overwhelming. Here are some major facts about solar energy:

  • Solar is cost-effective. Compared to oil, nuclear, and, in some places, natural gas, solar is a cheaper energy source on a kilowatt-per-hour cost. This is a big incentive to get in on this cheap source of power.
  • Sun-derived energy is the most abundant form of power on the planet. The sun shines every day over all the earth except at one of the poles during certain times of the year because of the Earth’s tilt.
  • Solar power technology is quick to install. Small solar-generating facilities can be installed and up and running within a few weeks.
  • China is the world leader in solar energy. Not surprisingly, China leads the world in solar energy technology. There’s room for the U.S. to grow in the solar industry space.
  • Solar facilities can last for decades. Once installed, solar facilities have a long lifespan, up to 40 years or more.

Do You Want To Get In On Solar Power

The key to harnessing solar power for yourself is to obtain the necessary equipment and install it on your property. By doing so you will probably pay less for your energy. It might even be possible to sell your excess production back to the utility companies and generate an additional revenue source.

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