Four Top Sustainable Energy Companies

Sustainable energy solutions are an important topic of discussion in the modern world. There are many points of discussion as it relates to renewables and green energy, and these include the promotion of energy independence, the reduction in pollution, and reducing overall environmental damage. Sustainable energy projects are also innovative, often making use of the newest advancements in the field of energy production to produce clean energy from sources such as wind, solar, thermal, and other sustainable sources.

As an individual, you may be wondering what you can do to help foster this innovation and make your own energy use more sustainable. Luckily, there are many power companies around the world committed to providing clean energy. In addition, many of these companies provide power to individuals, businesses, and governments. This industry-wide innovation is being driven by energy providers with decades of history and an extensive global footprint. Here are four of the top energy companies providing sustainable energy solutions to their customers and helping invest in this growing, and important, part of the power grid.

Four Energy Companies Committed To Substantial Energy

Energy sustainability is a worldwide need, and it is being researched and successfully implemented by energy companies all around the world.

1. Entelios

Entelios is committed to sustainable energy and offers solutions across various sectors including business, public, and property energy solutions. Their focus on green energy means with their assistance, you can reduce carbon emissions, track your power use in real-time, and offer financial solutions such as reduced costs and for businesses’ new income streams. They are a solution-driven company with offices in Sweden, Norway, and Finland with more than 300 large companies proudly doing business with them. Entelios is also Norway’s largest supplier of energy to corporate customers.

2. Duke Energy

North Carolina-based Duke Energy has been providing power to customers since 1904. Their sustainability solutions include wind farms, solar farms across the American sunbelt, and the installation of over 500 eclectic car charging stations in Florida. Duke Energy centers its sustainability goals around innovative forward-thinking ideas. Also, in their pursuit of clean and better energy Duke never forgets to focus on their customers.

3. Ørsted

Located in Denmark Ørsted is a world leader in sustainable energy. Their energy investments include bioenergy research and production, offshore wind farms, and plants powered by thermal heat. One of their key long-term goals is to be a competently carbon-neutral energy producer by the year 2025. They have also focused on moving away from coal, oil, and gas operations. There is also a focus on improvements and expansion of offshore wind farms, and other technological innovations. With nearly three decades in business, Ørsted continues to be an innovator in the energy industry.

4. Iberdrola

Spanish company Iberdrola is a global leader in energy production, serving customers all around the world in locations such as Spain, Brazil, The United States, and the UK. A notable area of sustainability that Iberdrola has worked on is in the field of solar energy. These solar projects (17 in total) are located in the United Kingdom and will help the company bring cleaner energy to over 200,000 customers. This also helps further the company’s goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2030.

Final Thoughts

Energy sustainability is happening right now and the use of renewables to provide power to customers is only going to continue to grow and improve as time goes on. Many people want to help the environment and use energy sources that pollute less. Sustainable energy provides a future energy source that is less harmful to the wider world and one that will drive new and exciting industries in the coming years.

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