Getting Started: The Essential Guide to Gathering Ritual Supplies

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If you’re getting ready to start a ritual, you must gather supplies for the altar. It can be as straightforward or as elaborate as you like.

Make sure to choose items that have meaning to you or your intention. It can include personal objects, symbols, and herbs that you have researched.


Candles are an excellent ritual tool to ground, inspire and activate your heart’s desire. They’re also a great way to add warmth and comfort to your space.

With readily available materials, you can manufacture candles at home or purchase them from any store that sells ritual supplies Salem MA. Start with a kit with all the materials you need to make candles.

Smudge Sticks

Smudging is a spiritual practice that originated as an indigenous ceremony. It involves burning herbs to ward off illness and negative energy and cleanse a space or person.

Smudge sticks are bundles of herbs (usually white sage) bound together by twine. You can burn them as aromatherapy or waft them over yourself and others to purify and clean energy.


Herbs are a fantastic method to enhance your cuisine’s flavor, aroma, and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, there are numerous ways you might use them to improve your spiritual practice.

In the culinary sense, herbs can be any herbaceous (non-woody) plant whose leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, bark, or inner parts are used to flavor, garnish, and season food or medicinally for a wide range of purposes.


Incense has been used worldwide for centuries, including in religious practices and rites. Whether using it for prayer and ritual or to clean the air, incense is a powerful tool for uplifting your energy.

If you are new to making incense, gather the highest quality natural ingredients. Sandalwood, cedar, pine, and alder are suitable base materials.

Incense Burners

Incense burners, or censers, are metal containers that priests and altar servers use to burn incense during Mass. They come in many different sizes, styles, and materials.

The style of your burner will depend on the kind of incense you intend to burn. For example, cone-shaped incense needs a container to hold it and provide constant airflow to keep it burning.

Altar Supplies

If you’re creating a homemade altar, gather supplies representing your intention. These include anything that evokes the sacred, like crystals, herbs, shells, flowers, and more.

Altars serve various purposes, often changing as we grow and change in our spiritual journeys. It’s a good practice to refresh your altar regularly, clean it thoroughly and add new items to reflect your current intentions.


Symbols are often used to convey messages at a deeper level than words can. They can be found in every art form, and you encounter them daily.

They can also help you foreshadow or establish the themes of your story. For example, a storm might symbolize that danger is approaching.

Symbolic Items

A chalice, a goblet, is used in religious practice and can carry many symbolic meanings. It can be a symbol of the Goddess or can be used to hold water during rituals.

A chalice is essential to your ritual practice and should be used carefully so that it is not broken or damaged. It should be made from metals or wood associated with the Gods or Mother Earth.

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