When can you transplant flowers. Is it possible in winter?

Plant lovers know when to transplant indoor flowers. Indeed, without timely and correct assistance, home decoration can perish. What should be guided by when deciding on a transplant?

When to transplant indoor flowers? Do you need a transplant?
Some plants can be in the same conditions for a long time. To understand when you can transplant indoor flowers, you should pay attention to the following signs:

– when pulling them out of the pot, the root system is extensive and takes up almost the entire space of the container;
– the roots protrude above the top layer of the earth;
– the stem is stretched out and runs the risk of breaking under its weight.

It is helpful to read the instructions for growing a specific green friend to know at what time you can transplant indoor flowers of this type.

The best time to transplant indoor flowers

The most favourable time of the year for such manipulations is spring. This is not related to the period of the revitalization of all plants in nature, considering the increase in daylight hours. The main task during transplantation is to enable the root system to strengthen in a new pot. But you need to wait until the vigorous flowering ends if this is typical for the plant.

Many people wonder if indoor flowers can be transplanted in winter. Doing this is undesirable since there is a high risk that the flower will not tolerate stress. It is better to provide additional feeding, an increase in the earth layer to wait for spring.

When can you transplant indoor flowers? 

To move a flower into a new pot, you should take care of everything in advance. The unique pot must be well-drained and clean. You will also need:

– land corresponding to the type of plant;
– water for irrigation;
– small stones, if you need to increase drainage;
– gloves for work;
– a knife to eliminate rotten or damaged parts of the plant.

If there is a suspicion of the presence of pests, you can dilute potassium permanganate and water a new land a day before transplanting.
For better adaptation, the plant must be watered and placed in a dark place. Usually, one week is enough, after which the flower is returned to the windowsill. Do not forget to spray the leaves.

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